Sustainability Promotion Structure

Sustainability Promotion Committee and subcommittees

In order to oversee and promote ESG initiatives undertaken by the Asset Management Company in accordance with its ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) Policy, a Sustainability Promotion Committee (“the Committee”) has been established with the President & CEO of the Asset Management Company acting as chairperson who bears ultimate responsibility. This incorporates a secretariat and four subcommittees to execute the matters deliberated by the Committee. The Committee meetings are held at least once every three months, and the Committee deliberates and decides on policies, strategies, and systems related to sustainability considering ESG-related risks and opportunities. Each subcommittee will formulate and implement specific action plans based on the decisions made by the Committee. In addition, the subcommittees report on the progress of the action plan to the Committee at least once a year through the secretariat.

The secretariat will inform the officers and employees of the activities and share the details with them.

Organizational chart


ESG-related policies and rules

Relationship chart


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