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Disclosure Policy

Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Inc. ("MFLP-REIT") discloses information under the following policy:

(1) MFLP-REIT endeavors to disclose information as promptly and accurately as possible in order to gain the understanding of investors with regard to asset management.
(2) Disclosure of information is carried out in accordance with the respective content and form stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Investment Trust Act, and other applicable laws and regulations, as well as by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Investment Trust Association, etc. The MFLP will also disclose as much information as possible that may not be subject to statutory disclosure or timely disclosure requirements but is important and useful to investors.
(3) In order to secure transparency in regard to transactions with related parties, MFLP-REIT will disclose information on transactions conducted with related parties.

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