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L-11MFLP Hiratsuka

  • Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway
  • Tomei Expressway
  • Box
  • MFLP Hiratsuka1
  • MFLP Hiratsuka2
  • MFLP Hiratsuka3
  • MFLP Hiratsuka4
  • MFLP Hiratsuka5
  • MFLP Hiratsuka1
  • MFLP Hiratsuka2
  • MFLP Hiratsuka3
  • MFLP Hiratsuka4
  • MFLP Hiratsuka5
Location Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa Total floor area 33,061 m²
Acquisition price ¥7,027 million Leasable area 33,055 m²
Appraisal value ¥8,390 million Structure S / 4F
Construction Co. JFE Civil Engineering & Construction Corp. Completion November 2016
  • LED
  • CASBEE Kanagawa A rank
*:  Undisclosed, as approval has not been obtained from the lessee.

Characteristics of the Property

■ The four-story Box MFLP facility has secured delivery efficiency because the track berth is installed on two sides (L-shaped) on the first floor.
■ There are three loading elevators, three vertical conveyors, and three dock levelers as transportation facilities in the storehouse. It is designed to be divided and useable, it is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of tenant industries.


■ It is approximately 3.2 km to the central area "Kanegawa Minami IC", about 4.3 km to the Odawara Atsugi Road "Isehara IC", convenient for shipping to the center of west Tokyo and the center of Kawasaki and Yokohama. It also has a high potential as a logistics base that also functions as a relay base in the Chubu and Kinki regions and the central part of the metropolitan area.
■Since the extension of the new Tomei Expressway is also proceeding, transportation convenience to western Japan is expected to further increase in the future, and further improvement of the potential is anticipated as a logistics location.

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