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L-10MFLP Hino

  • National Route 16
  • Chuo Expressway
  • Rampway
  • MFLP Hino1
  • MFLP Hino2
  • MFLP Hino3
  • MFLP Hino4
  • MFLP Hino5
  • MFLP Hino1
  • MFLP Hino2
  • MFLP Hino3
  • MFLP Hino4
  • MFLP Hino5
Location Hino-shi, Tokyo Total floor area(*1) 205,200 m²
Acquisition price(*2) ¥12,533 million Leasable area(*2) 46,801 m²
Appraisal value(*2) ¥14,100 million Structure RC / 5F
Construction Co. Obayashi Corporation Completion October 2015
  • Seismic isolators
  • LED
  • Cafeteria/shops
  • Emergency power generator
  • Solar panels
  • DBJ Green Building Certification 4 stars
  • BELS 5 Stars
  • ZEB Ready
*:  The Investment Corporation acquired 15% of the quasi co-ownership interest of "MFLP Hino" on February 2, 2018 and acquired 10% of the quasi co-ownership interest on February 4, 2019. Each of the listed Numeric values are shown for the entire property.
*1:  Total floor area of the whole building.
*2:  The leasable area is based on the 25% quasi co-ownership interests owned by MFLP-REIT.

Characteristics of the Property

■ It is a large ramp way type MFLP compatible with multi-tenant with 5 stories, with a total floor space of 205,200 m2, which boasts the largest scale in the country.
■ 2 rampways dedicated to uploading and descending trucks can be connected to each floor and a central roadway equipped with excellent delivery efficiency.
■ In addition to a shop for employees, a cafeteria, etc., there are Tokyo Certified Nursery School and public green spaces that have developed walking paths in consideration of neighborhood residents.
■ Seismic isolation structure is adopted from the viewpoint of BCP (Business Continuity Planning), and emergency generators that can be used at the time of a disaster or power outage are equipped. As part of reducing environmental impact, large-scale solar panels are installed on the rooftop.


■ Located approximately 3.5 km from the Hachioji IC of the Chuo Expressway. It is possible to deliver to the wide area such as the entire metropolitan area or the whole country by using high speed access of the central highway, and because it is also close to National Route 16 and National Highway No. 20, High tenant needs can be expected as a delivery base.
■ Because it is within walking distance from Toyota Station of JR Chuo Line, it is in an environment where it is easy to hire employees.

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