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Investment Strategy

Portfolio Strategy

 MFLP-REIT invests primarily in logistics facilities with the features mentioned below, with a particular focus on MFLP facilities (leading-edge logistics facilities with Mitsui Fudosan quality). The bulk of its properties are leading-edge logistics facilities developed by Mitsui Fudosan.
 In addition, MFLP-REIT invests in industrial properties, which refer to data centers, communications facilities, research facilities, factories, supply and treatment facilities, and other real estate serving as corporate bases.

Has good access to consumption areas, production bases, and traffic infrastructure; has a ready supply of workers
Has a size that enables concentration and integration of logistics functions; offers features that enable efficient storage and cargo handling procedures
Has truck berths(*1), slopes(*2), rampways(*3) and vertical conveyors that offer sufficient conveying functionality.
Features considerations for the global environment as well as the interior environment (amenities for employees, etc.)
Disaster prevention
Ensures structural and facility safety against natural disasters such as seismic isolation or quake-resistance, as well as BCP(*4) features (emergency power generators, etc.)
*1:  "Truck berths" refers to spaces where trucks are parked to load/unload cargo.
*2:  "Slopes" refers to sloping driveways that link the first floor to some of the upper floors.
*3:  "Rampways" refers to spiral driveways that link the first floor to the upper floors.
*4:  "BCP" stands for "business continuity plan."

Investment area (acquisition price basis)

  • Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai area:
    At least70%
  • Other areas:30% or less

Usage and investment ratio (acquisition price basis)

  • Logistics facilities:At least80%
  • Industrial real estate:20% or less

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