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L-12MFLP Tsukuba

  • Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway
  • Joban Expressway
  • Box
  • MFLP Tsukuba1
  • MFLP Tsukuba2
  • MFLP Tsukuba3
  • MFLP Tsukuba4
  • MFLP Tsukuba1
  • MFLP Tsukuba2
  • MFLP Tsukuba3
  • MFLP Tsukuba4
Location Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibakaki Total floor area(*1) 62,484 m²
Acquisition price ¥8,781 million Leasable area 63,538 m²
Appraisal value ¥11,300 million Structure (exsting) SRC / 4F (annex) S / 3F
Construction Co. Takenaka Corporation/JFE Civil Engineering & Construction Corp. Completion(*2) March 2018
  • BELS 5 Stars
  • ZEB Ready
*:  The Investment Corporation acquired 60% of the quasi co-ownership interest of "MFLP Tsukuba" on December 3, 2018 and acquired the remaining 40% of the quasi co-ownership interest on March 1, 2019. Each of the listed Numeric values are shown for the entire property.
*1:  Total floor area of the whole building.
*2:  Represents the completed year and month of the annex building. The existing building was completed in June, 2010.

Characteristics of the Property

■ A box type logistics facility comprised of two buildings: the existing building (4-stories above ground) and the annex building (3-stories above ground). The two buildings are connected by connecting corridors and can be used as one. It is a leading-edge logistics facility with multiple freight elevators, etc. securing high delivery convenience.


■ It is located approximately 4.8 km from the Yatabe IC on the Joban Expressway and approximately 1.8 km from Miraidaira Station on the Tsukuba Express, a prime location for a logistics facility. Surrounded by residential areas, it also enjoys good employment environment.

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