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I-1MFIP Inzai

  • Data centers
  • MFIP Inzai1
  • MFIP Inzai1
Location Inzai-shi, Chiba Total floor area 40,478 m²
Acquisition price ¥12,220 million Leasable area(*1) - m²
Appraisal value ¥14,300 million Structure S / 5F
Construction Co. Obayashi Corporation Completion February 2014
  • Seismic isolators
  • LED
*:  The Investment Corporation acquired 20% of the quasi co-ownership interest of "MFIP Inzai" on August 2, 2016 and acquired the remaining 80% of the quasi co-ownership interest on February 4, 2019. Each of the listed Numeric values are shown for the entire property.
*1:  Undisclosed, as approval has not been obtained from the lessee.

Characteristics of the Property

■Built using an earthquake-proof structure, the facility has excellent earthquake resistance, one of the key factors that tenants consider when selecting a data center


■Located approximately one hour from central Tokyo
As the area is not subject to traffic restrictions in the event of a major earthquake, the facility should remain accessible during emergencies
■Soil in the area is a hard alluvium. At a distance of 20km from the coast, the area is not subject to risk of tsunamis or liquefaction, making it ideal for data centers

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