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L-26MFLP Hiratsuka Ⅲ

  • Shin Tomei Expressway
  • Tomei Expressway
  • Box
  • MFLP Hiratsuka Ⅲ1
  • MFLP Hiratsuka Ⅲ1
Location Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa Total floor area 29,474 m²
Acquisition price ¥8,410 million Leasable area 28,327 m²
Appraisal value ¥8,450 million Structure S / 4F
Construction Co. JFE Civil Engineering & Construction Corp. Completion February 2023
  • LED
  • Emergency power generator
  • Cafeteria/shops
  • *Solar panels
  • CASBEE Kanagawa A rank
  • BELS 5 Stars
  • Nearly ZEB

Characteristics of the Property

■4-story (three floors for warehouse portion), box-type MFLP with truck berths on one side on 1st floor.
■The warehouse is equipped with 2 cargo elevators, 4 vertical conveyors, for efficient vertical conveying capacity.
■The facility is equipped with solar panels(*) to supply green power, LED lighting, and an emergency power generation system capable of generating electricity for 72 hours.

*The solar power generation facility is not owned by MFLP-REIT.


■Located in approximately 1.4 km from Atsugi Minami Interchange (IC) on Shin-Tomei Expressway and approximately 3.0 km from Atsugi IC on Tomei Expressway, with high potential as a relay base between the Chubu / Kansai regions and the Greater Metropolitan area. It is also well suited for wide-area coverage of the Tama area, which is consumption area, and overall Greater Metropolitan area through use of the Ebina Minami Junction to connect to the Ken-O Expressway, for which demand is very high.
■It is possible to take a bus from Hon Atsugi Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line, and the area has a large working population, making it relatively easy to secure employees.

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