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L-24MFLP Tomei Ayase

  • Tomei Expressway
  • Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway
  • Slope
  • MFLP Tomei Ayase1
  • MFLP Tomei Ayase1
Location Ayase-shi, Kanagawa Total floor area 56,764 m²
Acquisition price ¥19,530 million Leasable area 54,148 m²
Appraisal value(*1) ¥19,840 million Structure S / 4F
Construction Co. The Zenitaka Corporation Completion July 2022
  • LED
  • Cafeteria/shops
  • Emergency power generator
  • *Solar panels
  • Heliport
  • CASBEE Kanagawa A rank
  • BELS 5 Stars
*:  The Investment Corporation acquired 50% of the co-ownership interest of "MFLP Tomei Ayase" on August 10, 2023 and acquire the remaining 50% of the co-ownership interest on March 15, 2024. Each of the listed Numeric values are shown for the entire property.
*1:  “Appraisal value” shows the normal price as a whole after the acquisition of the additional interests stated on each real estate appraisal with the price as of November 30, 2023.

Characteristics of the Property

■4-story slope-type MFLP. Truck berths on 1st and 3rd floors, highly convenient for deliveries.
■Equipped with versatile and highly functional facility specifications, including four cargo elevators and four vertical conveyors each, the facility is capable of handling a wide variety of cargo with high efficiency in warehouse operations and delivery.
■The facility is equipped with an aluminum heliport deck, first domestic logistics facility, separate storage facilities for hazardous materials and an emergency power generation system capable of generating electricity for 72 hours.

*The solar power generation facility is not owned by MFLP-REIT.


■Located next to Tomei Expressway's Ayase Smart IC. In addition to superior access to central Tokyo, this key facility can also be used as a wide area distribution center with broad access to the Greater Tokyo area via Ebina IC and the Ken-O Expressway, as well as deliveries to Western Japan through the Tomei Expressway.
■Highly convenient for commuting, with a 1-minute walk to the closest bus stop. Neighboring Atsugi and Ebina cities are densely populated, making it easy to secure workers.

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